Avalanche Asia Hackathon Additional FAQs

2 min readFeb 7, 2022


1.How do I join both the main investment prize pool and quadratic funding pool?
All submissions will automatically be qualified for both types of prize pools as long as the submission is done correctly. For more information on how to submit and how the different pools will be awarded, please refer to this link: https://hackerlink.io/blog/guides/how-to-apply-for-avalanche-hackathon-asia/

2. Who are the judges?
The top 10 winning projects will be decided by a judging panel composed of representatives from each of our investment sponsors and key people from Avalanche. While the different quadratic funding pools are decided solely by community votes.

3. How will the winners be determined?
All decisions will be made at the judging panel’s sole discretion and are final. To provide some guidance, here are some of the criteria the judging panel will assess alongside investment fundamentals:
Execution: The performance and overall build of your BUIDL
Impact & Utility: The effect your BUIDL has on the total ecosystem, overall blockchain space and society as a whole
Originality: How creative and innovative your solution or approach is
Vision & Team: The overall vision and the strength of the team

4. How can I get the community to vote for my project?
Start getting your communities excited to start voting so you appear on the leaderboards to stand out more as the number of BUIDLs grow — you might also want to strategize in terms of which community quadratic funding pool you want to participate in. Also, prepare your demos so you can leverage on the demo days that the Dorahacks and Avalanche team will be organizing to increase the exposure for your project and get more votes. Lastly, projects are also free to create their own incentives for voters to grow their early adopters and community.

5. How do I participate in the demo days and marketing exposure activities?
We will reach out directly to projects to schedule this and will try our best to fit as many projects as possible into the demo days we are organizing. However, we will give priority to projects that have solid demos ready and are actively growing traction with the community.

6. Where can I get further technical support?
Join our series of workshops that will be frequently updated on this group.
Here is a list of other resources you can refer to as well:
Getting started: https://docs.avax.network/learn/getting-started
Avalanche Documentation: https://docs.avax.network/ -
Avalanche Forum: https://forum.avax.network/
Frequently asked questions: https://support.avax.network/en/
Avalanche Rush FAQ: https://bit.ly/3BTje0P




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