Avalanche From EVM-Compatible L1 to Subnet Practitioner

1. Introduction

2. Avalanche Overview

2.1 Understanding Ethereum’s Scalability Problems

2.2 Vertical Scaling Solution: Avalanche Consensus

2.3 Horizontal Scaling Solution: Avalanche Subnet

3. Subnet Use Case

3.1 GameFi Use Case–The First Subnet on Avalanche

3.3 Enterprises Use Cases–Beyond GameFi, Beyond Web 3.0

4. Competitive Analysis

4.1 Comparison with L1s: Cosmos, BNB, Avalanche

4.2 Comparison with L2 Rollups

5. Avalanche Ecosystem

5.1 Shrapnel

5.2 Arrow Market

5.3 Dexalot

6. Valuation

8. Closing Remarks

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Avalanche Asia Star Fund

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