Metaverse has just begun

Metaverse digital real estate sold for over $100 million in a week.

Why can Metaverse projects like Sandbox, Decentraland, Highstreet, and Cryptoboxels bring boundless opportunities?

Why is Metaverse so attractive?

The Matthew effect plays a large role in the real world. Everyone’s looking for value investing opportunities, trying to find undervalued assets, and hoping to invest in such assets in an early stage for substantial returns. Metaverse is offering such an opportunity. It creates different AUs and allows you to live your ideal life in your favorite universe. It blurs the line between physical and digital worlds, and even virtualizes money in the real world. Metaverse is more than just a game. Metaverse is life itself. Metaverse allows us to do things that we’ve never been able to in real life.

Nike acquired virtual fashion brand RTFKT Studios.

Facebook paid $60 million for Meta name rights.

Adidas Originals launched NFTs and bought a plot in the Sandbox metaverse

Bored Ape Yacht Club announced Play-To-Earn NFT game

On December 17, Realy, a project on Solana, announced the IDO of Bybit on Twitter. It surprised everybody to see a reply by Meta (formerly Facebook) that Realy is changing the fashion game in the metaverse.

Mainstream players have embarked on their Web3 and metaverse journey. Selling physical and virtual products via metaverse is like porting business activities in real life to another world and seeing them with new perspectives, new imaginations, and new judging standards. As a result, all previous rules will be changed.

One point that cannot be avoided when talking about virtual shopping is how to measure the value of a product. In the current society, trading is only possible with something reasonable as the medium, which is currency. However, if we remove the medium, if there’s no currency and trading takes place in the form of bartering only, how shall we measure value? Metaverse is indeed a philosophical issue. Metaverse offers the fundamental psychological value we’ve been looking for. It enables everyone to find meaning in life in his/her own way. Value is measured in the form of consensus or story rather than money. You can freely build an entire universe with your story.

Major brands are embracing their digital transformation, allowing us to serve creators and consumers in the crossover of sports, fine arts, creative, games, and culture. We may view what these brands are doing as an exploration into the unknown. Their efforts are not well-planned, but the opportunities are infinite.

Ten years ago, Lineage, a medieval fantasy, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by NCsoft, became a phenomenal success in Asia. The game was an adaptation of a series of comic books with the same title created by South Korean comic artist Shin Il-sook. It boasted huge user bases in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. As of July 2014, Lineage had the second highest share in the online game segment in Asia and the world, while Lineage II ranked ninth globally.

Lineage was launched in South Korea in September 1998. It was the first online game to adopt the castle siege system. Lineage attracted numerous players by combining the battle mechanics of strategy games and the concept of growth of RPGs and offering realism.

To support player interaction, there was a blood pledge system, where members of a blood pledge had exclusive discussion channels, message board, and support magic. Lineage provided not only collaboration, competition, and battle opportunities, but also politics, economy, and culture experience. Fiercely competitive castle sieges are a distinct characteristic of Lineage (from Wikipedia).

That’s exactly what Metaverse looks like. The experience in game universes has become a major part of life for many. Actually, the concept of metaverse is never away from us. It’s been around, existing in different forms. As VR equipment and technologies mature, you may really get a chance to experience the world you’ve been dreaming of.

Metaverse won’t be just a hype. Metaverse is the future. It’s going to change how we live, just like how the Internet changed how we learn, how IoT changed how we shop, and how Web2 changed how businesses market. It’s fair to say that Metaverse is another singular point from which our lives will be changed. Metaverse has just begun.



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