Updates on Avalanche Hackathon @Asia: 100+ teams in participation, early-stage community support through quadratic voting

On February 1, Avalanche announced the official start of the two-month Avalanche Asia Hackathon. Sponsored by Avalanche Asia Star Fund (AVATAR) and Dorahacks, the online program offers a $5 million+ prize pool for winning projects.

As the hackathon draws to its end, more than 100 teams have submitted their projects, which cover DeFi, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, among others.

AVAX Pool: https ://hackerlink.io/grant/avalanche

XAVA Pool: https ://hackerlink.io/grant/xava/

As the hackathon serves an investment purpose, there is a wide range of prizes and rewards available to both developers and the wider community.

The main prize pool will be distributed to the top10 projects selected by a panel of crypto veterans. In addition to the prize money, the teams will receive meaningful support from the Avalanche ecosystem and renowned VCs.

Furthermore, the hackathon features quadratic funding pools that allow the community to vote with AVAX or XAVA tokens. It is important that additional votes on a given project get quadratically more expensive. Voters may become early participants to the projects they choose or be able to claim airdrop or whitelist slots. By now, the community have contributed approximately 35,000 votes to 99 projects in the AVAX pool, with the top-ranking one holding around 5,000 votes. The XAVA pool has received approximately 3,700 votes for 40 projects, with the top-ranking one holding 961 votes.

As shown in the leaderboard, gaming and NFT projects are most likely to gain popularity. Here are brief descriptions of some projects:


MetaDerby is a Free-to-Play & Earn horse racing game built on Avalanche network, in which players can breed, race and trade their own NFT horses, as well as trade and construct farmlands, stables, race courses and jockey clubs for tournaments while gain earnings from the DerbyVerse. At MetaDerby, you can earn by skilled gameplay and creating your own racing game!

IGO Platform:AbeatsGame

AbeatsGame is a game issuance platform facilitated IGO and INO for other projects, support the most of Japanese Comic IP (including Naruto, One Piece, Pokeman, etc.), and build up Centralized Game Assets Exchange focusing on Trading, Mortgage, Rental and NFT Insurance.


SongRise is a one-station platform for musicians to publish their NFTs, build community and industry networks, and tailor exclusive content and events through NFTs.

L2 Privacy Cross-Chain Wallet:Zecrey

Zecrey is an L2 private crosschain protocol based on zk-rollup. Zecrey provides a reliable and safe crosschain solution, with its security rooted in L1. And Zecrey is also a well-designed product aggregating assets and liquidity via a user-friendly plugin wallet as an entrance to multiple blockchains. It is convenient for users to manage multi-chain assets, and they can use cross-chain asset swap and crosschain bridge. Zecrey’s L2 AMM DEX also has anti-MEV features, which can more effectively and safely protect users’ transactions from being attacked by malicious arbitrageurs. Zecrey protocol is also a L2 solution with native privacy enabled. All transactions happened in L2 are private.

Multi-chain DAO Infrastructure Service Protocol:Rainbow DAO

RainbowDAO protocol is a multi-chain DAO infrastructure service protocol, focusing on the creation of the basic components of Web3. Anyone can create and manage their own DAO organization through RainbowDAO protocol, using all different Web 3 tools-kits and features.

OTC Platform:AirCash

AirCash aims to be the best solution for crypto cash in and out.AirCash is the first and largest decentralized crypto-fiat OTC trading platform in the galaxy.Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in your decentralized wallet through AirCash.

Multi-Chain AMM :SilverSwap

SilverSwap is a Multi-Chain AMM protocol with LP protection features for the EVM blockchains to bridge over across multiple chains (Cronos, CSC, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, ParaState and many more) into the DEFI 2.0 ecosystem. Our ambition is to integrate in EVERY L2 EVM blockchain.

Spontaneous Liquidity Accumulation Protocol

The Spontaneous Liquidity Accumulation Protocol (SLAP) is a brand-new DeFi experiment that allows both the protocol to accumulate liquidity and the users to accumulate stablecoin yields in a passive and trustless way. The goal of SLAP is to become the most innovative value anchor in the crypto world, with ever-increasing liquidity, and to create a portal for new-born projects to effectively accumulate liquidity when launching.


TaleCraft is a PVP, play-to-earn card board game, driven by a unique mint and craft mechanic, where players grow more powerful through gamified NFT alchemy.

Credit middleware:Donut

Donut protocoal develops and integrates technology from a multi-dimensional perspective to solve the problems of current decentralized credit system and create a strong credit scoring framework.

Decentralized E-Commerce:Blueberry

Inspired by Smart City, Blueberry is developing an ecosystem for the Circular Economy with the help of E-Commerce & Blockchain Technology.Circular Economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.

Decentralized ID:DID Network

DID Network is an open platform based on on-chain data. Users can bind their wallets and generate their own passports. The nodes of DID Network will parse the on-chain data and get the aggregation results, such as DeFi scores, user behavior analysis, and so on.

Project registration and voting underway until April 14

All users can vote with AVAX or XAVA during the hackathon. The most voted candidate will receive more than $500,000 as incentives. Votes are like early donations to a project. By supporting their favorite projects, voters may claim airdrop opportunities and whitelist spots in return.

The first vote costs 0.01 AVAX. The Nth vote will cost 0.01* N AVAXs. For example, the second vote will cost 0.01*2AVAX=0.02AVAX. One account may give multiple votes to a given project or vote for different projects.

In addition, the hackathon holds weekly project demos and seminars for the community to get a more intuitive idea of them. Voting will be open until April 15. Get ready to vote for your favorite submission.

Voting guide: https ://hackerlink.io/blog/guides/hackerlink-grant-voting-guide/

Voting link: https://dorahacks.io/zh/grant/avalanche/

Community: https://t.me/avaxhackers

About Avalanche

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on Avalanche. Don’t believe it? Try an app on Avalanche today.


AVATAR(Avalanche Asia Star Fund) is a crypto and blockchain investment firm, applying professional incubating, investing and portfolio management to this digital asset class. Web3.0 is a new paradigm for online communities and cultural movements.Navigating this space requires a method operating at the combination of cryptography, behavioral economics, computer science, marketing strategies, network and portfolio management. Avatar is a team of investors, researchers and computer scientists focusing on extrapolating the success of blockchain to embedded crypto economics into everything — transaction, computation, storage and social interaction.



Avalanche Asia Star Fund

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