Vote for projects you think will best benefit ecosystem

2 min readMar 14, 2022

Vote for #Avalanche Hackathon Asia, the projects you think will best benefit ecosystem

Starting from March 8th, your vote will give you a chance to win AVAX every week! What’s more , Hackathon projects are giving out their special prizes to supporters voting for them!

How to participate (You need to both RT and vote)

  1. RT
  2. Take quadratic vote:
  3. Submit your TW and voting address to the form:
  4. Voting address will be collected from 3.8(12:00am) to 3.27(11:00pm) UTC

🗳️ Quadratic Vote token= AVAX or XAVA

🗳️ 1 Vote address in one single pool = 1 lottery chance

🗳️ 5 lucky winners every week!

Follow AVATAR twitter to know the result every Monday!


1.Where to vote?

There are two quadratic pools you can take voting:

AVAX Quadratic voting:

XAVA Quadratic voting:

Scroll down to the BUIDLs and choose the one you think best benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem and click Vote button to proceed.

2.Can I vote in both AVAX and XAVA pools to seize a bigger chance to win?

Yes, every single address in every single pool gets 1 lottery ticket. If you vote both in AVAX and XAVA pools you really will have 2 tickets in the raffle this week.

3.Besides the AVAX prize what else I can get if I win?

More Hackathon projects are providing airdrops for users voted for them during this campaign. To name a few, like PEPO Paradise, FABWELT, BWS, Kingdom Quest…Keep tuned in AVATAR twitter.

4.Any vote guidance?

View more vote guide here:

If you have any voting questions our community is here to help!