Who is Teahouse Finance!?

3 min readApr 18, 2022

Teahouse Finance is a highly technical team, with members from Columbia, Berkeley, and National Taiwan University. The team came out of Binance Labs Batch 2, and won first place in the TRON Global Accelerator competition. In August 2021, Teahouse raised its seed round from world-class investors, and devoted itself to creating its unique DeFi + NFT + GameFi ecosystem.

Teahouse believes that the DeFi ecosystem is made up of three elements: “DeFi”, which utilizes smart contracts to manage various financial transactions; “NFT”, which, besides being an “artwork”, can also have many added functionalities, such as tying to smart contract vaults as a proof of investment; and “GameFi”, whose synergies with “NFT” are expected to mature in the near future and should not be underestimated.

More and more people will enter Web 3.0 in the near future. Backed by years of blockchain experience, and through tools and platform development, Teahouse wishes to help facilitate this transition by assisting others to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and building a stronger, more friendly Metaverse together with our communities.

2. What is the focus of Teahouse Finance?

At its core, Teahouse is a DeFi platform, focusing on solving the “concentrated liquidity provision” problem by using its inhouse back-testing simulator to optimize the LP price range to help investors maximize their capital efficiency.

With the Teahouse platform, strategy providers can focus on optimizing strategies without the need to struggle with tedious programming languages and confusing, unfiltered data. Teahouse’s strong technical team will ensure the security and completeness of smart contracts and guarantee strategy confidentiality.

In this DeFi ecosystem, Teahouse provides the tools and ensures the security of the strategies; strategy providers receive profit-sharing and investments; and investors receive passive-income through the Teahouse social investment platform.

3. What’s the concept and function behind the HighTable NFT?

Teahouse believes that the trinity use cases (DeFi, NFT, and GameFi) drive the wellness and continued growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem. Not only is Teahouse advocating for a “NFT Fair Launch”, it is also launching its own HighTable NFT, where the OG series is designed for institutional investors, and the VIP (profession) series is designed for individuals.

Besides being a PFP, it has many other added functionalities in the Metaverse, acting as a membership pass to the Teahouse DeFi ecosystem. HighTable holders can invest in the Teahouse platform, receive whitelists and investment opportunities in future GameFi & NFT partner projects, as well as vote on various Teahouse decisions. Through these decentralized collaboration methods, holders can truly take part in the future growth and operations of Teahouse DAO.

4. What’s unique about the HighTable NFT?

Teahouse HighTable series is one of the few “DeFi membership passes” with which holders can utilize a DeFi platform. Upon reveal, the NFTs will have different professions with corresponding special abilities and perks. The HighTable NFTs are directly linked to teaVault smart contracts, representing the holders’ liquidity allocations.

In addition, future Teahouse partners will be able to directly invest in Teahouse as an OG NFT holder to optimize capital efficiency, while bringing benefits (such as whitelists and investment opportunities) to other HighTable holders. This creates a win-win-win situation where “play together & get rich together” is no longer a cheesy slogan, but the core spirit of Web 3.0 that empowers DeFi to compete and surpass traditional finance.

5. Why should you hold a HighTable NFT?

Teahouse strongly believes that “ETH is only valuable as ETH,” meaning that as soon as these assets are exchanged back into fiat currencies, the ETH loses its ability and status as the foundation and fuel for the blockchain industry. As the hype of overnight riches fades from NFTs, the question to ask ourselves is “how can we keep these assets on-chain and in the DeFi ecosystem to achieve the highest capital efficiency?”

The answer is what Teahouse has been doing all along — providing concentrated liquidity. Furthermore, Teahouse has a detailed roadmap with a long-term plan; it is not only an NFT project, but also focuses on creating a DeFi platform and associated tools. And last but not least, HighTable NFTs are enviably beautiful and guaranteed to hog the spotlight!